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Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica
October 2021        New version coming soon for Mathematica 12

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Mathematica 11  
We are delighted to announce that:

    mathStatica 2.72 is fully compatible with Mathematica 11

Single download includes everything:
      Latest edition Rose/Smith Book  +  mathStatica 2.72

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    mathStatica 2.7   Parallel Processing Engine — on Mathematica 11

mathStatica Parallel Timings
Timings in seconds using Mathematica 11
running on an R2-D2 Mac Pro computer

mathStatica 2.7 unleashes the power of your computer — automatically —
featuring phenomenal speed and power for users with multi-processor machines.



NASA JPL Curiosity lands on Mars
Congratulations to NASA JPL and all the mathStatica users there!



        Latest Reviews

Journal of Statistical Software v47       by Barrie Stokes
mathStatica 2.5

When combined with the symbolic computational (and numerical and graphical) power of Mathematica itself, mathStatica offers the mathematical statistician – and any scientist interested in the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ of basic and advanced statistical ideas – both a first class exposition in the form of the accompanying e-book, and a flexible and highly developed system for carrying out theoretical and numerical statistical manipulations.

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Scientific Computing World       by Felix Grant
mathStatica 2.5

Comparing mathStatica to raw Mathematica over the same functions saw improvement by factors of up to 30, though somewhere between 5 and 10 was the average figure across all trials.

… a thoroughly comprehensive upgrade to what was already a very impressive product that is effectively unique in its market niche.

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mathStatica is now used in over 57 countries, at almost every major university in the USA, at institutions such as Boeing, Google, NASA, Los Alamos Labs, the Federal Drug Administration, the Max Planck Institute, ..., and at financial institutions such as Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, the US Federal Reserve, HBOS, KPMG, Reuters, the SEC, Standard Chartered, UBS etc.


Fun Animata
Download Fun Animata notebook (zipped)