The GOLD Upgrade: Benefits

1. Distribution Palettes

mathStatica's nifty GOLD palettes provide simple and easy access to 47 distributions at the click of a mouse. Here, for example, is the Discrete palette. To view the Continuous palette, click here.

Help System

2. Detailed HELP system

mathStatica GOLD includes a detailed HELP system providing:

complete function listings (with options)
detailed function syntax
hundreds of extra examples
links to related functions
links to related parts of the book

3. Current version

New GOLD users receive the latest version of mathStatica Gold for their environment.

[ Click here for full details on mS 1.5 ]

4. Technical Support

GOLD users receive complimentary technical support for one year on all mathStatica functions. For more detail, see the support page.

5. Second License for Home / Notebook computer

A GOLD license entitles you to run mathStatica not only on your work machine, but also on your home or notebook computer that has Mathematica installed on it.

6. Discount on next major release

GOLD users receive discounted pricing on future versions.