Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica

Announcing mathStatica 2 for Mathematica 7

mathStatica 2 provides perfect compatibility with Mathematica 7. The core components of mathStatica, namely (i) the software Code, (ii) the Help System, (iii) the live electronic Book, and (iv) the Solution Manual have all been completely revised, updated, optimised and polished for Mathematica 7, together with some major new functionality ...
A.   Key Feature of 2.0     Full support for Mathematica 7
Code fully revised for perfect Mathematica 7 compatibility


Help System completely re-built for Mathematica 7
new v7 look and feel


Electronic Book New 2010 edition!
  • Rose, C. and Smith, M.D. (2010)
  • Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica
revised for full v7 compatibility
takes full advantage of the latest v7 front-end interface: live real-time animations, manipulations, rotations, live links, fully interactive ...

The most up-to-date electronic Mathematica text available:

  • single-click to open any section
  • live links from the text to the integrated mathStatica Help
  • real-time interactive animations
  • all seamlessly integrated into the v7 build


Solution Manual   revised for full 7.x compatibility
now includes solutions to all the chapter exercises in the book


B.   New Help System ... decidedly uber

Click to view

C.   Major New Functions in v2


pdf of max(X, Y, Z, ...)   [ Show me ]


TransformProduct pdf of X * Y   [ Show me ]


OrderStatNonIdentical  pdf of order statistics sampling from non-identical parent distributions   [ Show me ]




automated fitting for the Johnson SU and SL family


Unbiased estimators now all multivariate ...
The entire suite of unbiased estimator functions now support arbitrary multivariate worlds.  

Moments of moments now all multivariate ...
The entire suite of moments of moments functions are now multivariate.

e.g. Find the covariance between, say:
    and   [ Show me ]

D.   Palettes in v2
Continuous Discrete Kernel Book
E.   Easy to start
To load mathStatica 2:  simply press the new 'Start' button ...

Incredibly easy!


F.   Easy to maintain
$UserBaseDirectory In the olde days, mathStatica had to be installed inside the Mathematica application itself, because ... well ... that is the way things used to be done when mathStatica 1.0 was designed.

mathStatica 2 supports modern install locations like $UserBaseDirectory and $BaseDirectory ... which means, every time you upgrade to a newer version of Mathematica, your mathStatica installation just keeps on going, ceteris paribus, without having to re-install or do anything extra.

G.   Massive Speed Increases
DiscreteRNG dramatically faster for finite List Form domains
(typically, 10 to 100 times faster)
twice as fast for Function Form domains
FrequencyPlot about 50 times faster than mathStatica 1.5
(both timed in v7) on large data sets  

FrequencyPlotDiscrete about 60 times faster than mathStatica 1.5
(both timed in v7) on large data sets