Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica

Announcing mathStatica 2.5 for Mathematica 8


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Requires: Mathematica 8

A.  New Piecewise Processing Engine

mathStatica 2.5’s new piecewise processing engine provides beautiful support for piecewise functions, with clean and elegant solutions that are streets ahead of anything else available.

For example, here we compare mathStatica 2.5’s output to Mathematica 8 output (by itself), for the same probability problem:


B.   New Parallel Processing Engine

mathStatica 2.5’s new parallel processing engine unleashes the power of your computer — automatically — featuring phenomenal speed and power for users with multi-processor machines ...

Timings in seconds using Mathematica 8.0.4 (Oct 2011 release)
running on a Mac Pro computer


C.  Help System ... decidedly uber

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D.   Major New Functions in 2.x
RandomNumber random number generation for essentially any discrete or continuous univariate distribution 




pdf of max(X, Y, Z, ...)   [ Show me ]


TransformProduct pdf of X * Y   [ Show me ]


OrderStatNonIdentical  pdf of order statistics sampling from non-identical parent distributions   [ Show me ]




automated fitting for the Johnson SU and SL family


Non-rectangular domains greatly enhanced support  

Multivariate discrete seamlessly extended to core functions  

Unbiased estimators now all multivariate ...
The entire suite of unbiased estimator functions now support arbitrary multivariate worlds.  

Moments of moments now all multivariate ...
The entire suite of moments of moments functions are now multivariate.

e.g. Find the covariance between, say:
    and   [ Show me ]


E.   Palettes in 2.5
mathStatica supports infinitely many distributions.

In fact, there are so many new distributions in mathStatica 2.5, there isn’t enough space to fit them all on screen. The new continuous palette now has a scrolling design that allows us to add unlimited numbers of distributions.

Continuous Discrete Book


F.   Easy to use
Simply press the 'Start' button ...

Incredibly easy!


G.   Rose and Smith (2011)
New 2011 edition!

Takes full advantage of the latest v8 front-end interface:

  • real-time interactive animations
  • dynamic links
  • fully revised for Mma 8
  • single-click to open any section
  • all seamlessly integrated into the v8 build
  • now available with all solutions

The most up-to-date electronic Mathematica text available!

Release date: Nov 2011

Single download includes everything!